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Pakiraexport Customer Service Contacts
Pakiraexport provides e-commerce services on a local, national and international basis with an array of websites, including the Pakiraexport Marketplaces, Kijiji, StubHub and The company based in kolkata , india , and facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website
Pakiraexport is headquartered in kolkata. india and has 59 office locations across 3 countries.
Note: We are aware of many scams involving pakiraexport gift cards. Customers should never buy pakiraexport gift cards to pay utility bills. If someone calls you and offers a discount on your utility bills if you pay with an pakiraexport gift card, it is a scam. pakiraexport gift cards are only permitted to be used on the pakiraexport platform to purchase items listed for sale there. For more information, see: An pakiraexport gift card scam is running wild. Here’s how to avoid it!


49 Nalini seth road

1st floor , kolkata 700007


Pakira Export

Phone Contacts
Main: (+91) 9433807913
Customer Service: +91 9007423957

Email Contacts
*In order to email or message pakiraexport, it is necessary to sign in to your pakiraexport account. For more information

Social Media Contacts

Executive Contacts
Primary Contact
Atanu Pakira
Director of Customer Experience
49 nalini seth seth , 1st floor
kolkata , wb 700007 .india
[email protected]

Secondary Contact
Ranadeb Deshi
Vice President of Global Customer Service
Pahalampur ,WB 712223, INDIA
[email protected]

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